6 November 2017 -

Wedding in Tuscany

In: 6 November 2017

The beauty of a dress lies in the happiness it brings to the one who wears it.

Laura’s dream came true, and we were part of it.

She looked absolutely beautiful in her Rhea Costa bridal gown. She chose a hand crafted cotton lace bodice with butterfly sleeves and soft caddy mermaid skirt in a light vanilla shade.

Her love story and her beautiful wedding in Tuscany was a true inspiration for us and we asked her to tell us more about the story behind this special day.


1. How did you find out about Rhea Costa?

I believe I first heard about Rhea Costa a few years ago, before college, when I was looking for Romanian
designers. I was dreaming of a fashion career, and wanted to know all the Romanian designers that I could. It was either Facebook, or another Social Media channel. Then I started following you, and had to pay you a visit.


2. What was the journey of picking your dress like?

I had a very specific image of how my dream wedding dress would look like. Of course, my lovely wedding
dress was not actually the one I had initially in mind when looking for it, it was even more gorgeous. I found it when I decided to go to your showroom when you had open doors, and in the first day, bam, there it was! I was there in the morning, tried it on, came back a few hours later for a second look and bought it instantly.



3. How did you feel when you have received your wedding dress ?

I must say that I was extremely happy with my choice of dress. I was in love with it, and couldn’t wait to show it to anyone I could, except for my husband to be.


4. At Rhea Costa, we are aiming to have a seamless customer servicing, as we put our clients first and every little detail counts. How did you find the experience of ordering such a special dress?

Since the dress was already made and there, waiting for me, I did not have too much time to think about.
The experience of trying it out was already making me feel really special, like a princess.


5. How did the dress make you feel on your big day?

To be honest, at first I thought of making some changes to the dress, but putting a lot of thinking into it, I
realised, along with Rhea Costa giving me her opinion, that the dress needed no changing, that it really looked perfect for my style. So, knowing that, on my wedding day I really felt like I was the most beautiful women on earth (and I’m not exaggerating), most admired and also sexy.



6. Could you please tell us an interesting story about you and your husband?

One interesting story about my husband and I was the way we met: it started when he was looking at photos of the people attending an event in my hometown (a big concert where I was part of the choir) and then contacting me on Facebook, just to ask questions about the concert. We ended up chatting non stop for a few hours, realising we loved talking to each other. After 3 days of chatting as much as we could, I visited him in his city and just like that, we were a couple a few hours later after seeing each other face to face. A few months later we were engaged and planning on our wedding. It all happened quite fast, but it was the best decision we ever made.



7. How did he propose to you?

After I moved to Bucharest about 3 months after meeting him, he wanted to take me to Italy, where he lived for about a year, especially because I never went to Italy. He planned 2 full days without telling me. He told me 2 days before we had to go, that I had to pack. We went, had a road trip from the airport to the city where we had to take the ferry to a small island. There we spent a night, and the next day we had a boat for ourselves to surround the island. We found some hidden beaches, crystal water to swim and he found a way to access the beach where he wanted to propose. We took the boat back later in the day, and then we went for a little hike to get to that secret beach he knew, where it was just the two of us. There he pretended to film the sunset, while in the meantime he also planned a declaration and then propose. It all turned out to be very romantic and perfect. The film with the sunset and his declaration and kneeling is amazing.



8. We looked at the photographs and we fell in love. The way you both dressed matched perfectly with the location.Where do you normally look for fashion inspiration? Where did you search for inspiration for your wedding day?

For fashion inspiration I normally look at some bloggers I relate to in style, some other designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and so on. As for the wedding, I looked at some Vogue weddings and at other weddings captured by some photographers I knew.




9. How would you describe the Rhea Costa brand?

In 3 words would be: romantic, neat and daring.



10. What advice would you give to the Rhea Costa brand?

I would say to keep on creating romantic and neat dresses, like my wedding dress was.



We are grateful to Laura and Pavel for their inspirational love story and to Radu Benjamin, the photographer that captured the most beautiful moments of their special day.