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Our Bride’s Story

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Our Bride's Story

We love to hear back from our clients, especially on moment like these, which are some of the most important of one’s life. Your wedding is a very special day, filled with a lot of emotion and special moments. At Rhea Costa we are very happy to be able to give our brides their dream dresses, and we love to hear their stories after the big day.

This is why, when Marika Nikolaidis came to us for her dream dress, we obliged and asked her not only about her experience, but also about special moments of the day.

Read out her interview below, and peak at the glamorous photos of her big day.

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1. How did you find out about Rhea Costa?

It was fate. I found a Rhea Costa gown in a boutique in Singapore and fell in love with it immediately.

2. When picking out your wedding dress, as it is such a special moment, what was your journey for picking out this specific Rhea Costa dress?

I tried a dress in the boutique, and told my husband immediately that I’d found THE dress! But before buying the gown I wanted to research Rhea Costa and find out more about the designer. I contacted Rhea Costa directly through their website and the team was very helpful and professional. I ended up buying my dress online.

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3. Here at Rhea Costa, we are aiming to have the best online servicing, and especially for such special moments, we take extra care to make our process the best possible. How did you find the whole experience of having the dress made to measure, while ordering online?

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to try on a Rhea Costa dress in store, so finding ’the dress’ on the site was easy. It’s a very luxurious concept, to have your wedding dress made to measure. Although it was an e-service, I felt like Rhea Costa was with me throughout the process. When the dress first arrived, it needed an alteration, and Rhea Costa graciously allowed me to send the dress back to be corrected and then posted it back to me. The experience was seamless and stress free.

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4. The veil, a very important accessory for the big day, was made especially for your dress. What did you like most about it?

The drama. The ancient orthodox church we were married in is on the water and there was a sea breeze, and the veil was blowing in the wind metres behind me. I wanted a dramatic veil.

5. How did the dress make you feel?

Ethereal. I was running through the cobblestone streets of historic Corfu Town with my husband and I’d never felt so natural and effortless.

6. Did you pick the dress according to the location or vice-versa?

The dress was chosen to compliment Corfu Island. The dress has a raw hemline and jagged stitching which i adored for it’s imperfection. The Greek Islands are the epitome of raw beauty. The dress was vanilla in colour, like the sun as it sinks low just before sunset. The wedding guests commented it was the perfect dress for the setting.

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7. How did you meet your husband?

Theodore and I were introduced by two friends of ours! As we are both Greek, they thought we’d be perfect for each other (laughs). We are so grateful to them.

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8. Can you tell us how he proposed to you?

During December 2014 we holidayed in Europe. Theodore wanted me to see snow for the first time in my life, so we went to a beautiful village called Megeve in the French Alps. It didn’t snow for the first three days we were there! Finally, on the fourth night the snow fell, and he proposed that night.

9. How do you identify with the Rhea Costa brand?

To me, the Rhea Costa brand is for the distressed heroine. It’s innocent, but sexy. Romantic, yet strong. 

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10. Do you have any advice for the Rhea Costa Brides?

Rhea Costa dresses are the BEST for destination weddings as they are the easiest to pack! My dress fit into my suitcase so conveniently. After your wedding, cherish your dress, have it dry cleaned immediately and store it. Your daughter will want to wear it on her wedding day!


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We would like to congratulate the bride and the groom on this occasion and to wish them all the happiness this world can give.


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