15 October 2015 -

One dream come true…

In: 15 October 2015
One dream come true

Here, at Rhea Costa we are all about making dreams come true… and what better dream to transform into reality that your own wedding?

Our brand is everything about subtle elegance, the kind you find in childhood fairytales, but who says fairytales cannot come true. this is exactly what happened to our beautiful client on her wedding day… a fairytale came true.

She hand picked one of our wedding dresses, the perfect princess dress, that simply matched the whole aura of herself as a person, and of her whole wedding. Set in a picturesque Romanian location, it looks like a cut-out from our dearest childhood dreams.

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Beauty in Black & White

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Ready for the big moment

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Fairytale wedding…checked

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Once a team, always a team

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Infinity rings for infinite love

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Feeling loved and loving in return

All photos courtesy of Adelina Leon, taken on her special day. We are glad we could make her dreams come true through our special Bridal creations.