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A Dream In Red

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Everyone has a colour that is just amazing on them, but we have a colour that is simply great on anyone… Red. There is no doubt that the colour that is the definition of confidence and power looks incredible on anyone, anywhere.

Bill Blass, one of the biggest couturiers in the world, acknowledges, through the quote that made him famous that no matter what you do, if you doubt your choice in clothes, simply wear red. It is not only a very elegant colour, but, you truly stand out in the crowd with it, while feeling extraordinary.

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Here at Rhea Costa, this is exactly what we aim to do, make you feel more than just amazing. We have compiled our 3 favourite body-hugging dresses in this special colour, just for you, so that you can mix and match them with your favourite accessories as your heart wishes.

We love our deep reds, and this is why, we have created this Rhea Costa universe especially for you.

Because we also want you to feel comfortable, these dresses are 100% viscose, so that each of them can be worn day and night, no matter the season with you being at your utmost comfort. We have our 3 muses to model the dresses for us, so that you can see that craftsmanship and the comfort they show.


This figure-hugging dress gives the owner an amazing hour-glass figure, that highlights the best part of a woman’s body. It is classic, elegant and romantic, and it looks simply stunning.

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A bit more relaxed, this beautiful wrap dress is the epitome of elegance and subtlety. Perfect for a day at work or for a night out, this dress is a designer must-have in any wardrobe.

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Simple and understated, this red dress is an amazing treasure. The small draped detail makes it undeniably interesting, and the elegance it exudes is impossible to ignore.

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